The Empty Pot: Level 1 (Ladybird Readers)

Kód: 9780241401705
Značka: Penguin
165 Kč

The emperor is old and wants to choose a new emperor. He gives seeds to lots of boys.
Who will grow a plant and be the new emperor?


Short sentences contain a maximum of two clauses, using the present tense and some simple adjectives.


The book includes the wordbook at the beginning, the activity book toward the end, and a glossary with term explanations. And in today's online world, the last page includes a code with a web link to hear the book and access digital features.

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Detailní popis produktu

Age: 4+

Pages: 48

Dimensions: 15.24 x 0.51 x 22.86 cm

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Kategorie: PODLE VĚKU
Věk: 4+, 5+
Typ knihy: Pohádky a příběhy
Format: Paperback
? Level angličtiny: 1

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