Stig of the Dump

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Po generace dětmi velmi milovaný Stig of the Dump je dokonalým příběhem o radostné svobodě řádění venku a zábavě daleko od světa dospělých. . . !

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The Thing sitting in the corner seemed to be interested. It got up and moved towards Barney, into the light. Barney was glad to see it was Somebody after all. Funny way to dress though, he thought, rabbit-skins round the middle and no shoes or socks.

Barney spends a lot of time by himself, and often goes wandering off alone. One day he is exploring by the edge of an old chalk-pit, when it gives way. Finding himself in some sort of cave, Barney is astonished to discover a 'somebody' living there: somebody with a lot of shaggy hair and two bright black eyes, wearing a rabbit skin and speaking in grunts.

Barney names him Stig, and the two quickly become best friends. Of course nobody believes Barney when he tells his family all about Stig. But Barney doesn't care. He and Stig are far too busy having a brilliant series of unforgettable adventures.

Much-beloved by children for generations, Stig of the Dump is the ultimate story about the joyful freedom of mucking around outdoors, having fun away from the grown-ups . . . !

"This lovely story about the unlikely friendship between Barney and stone-age Stig has stood the test of time . . . contemporary children will love reading about the pair's lively adventures" - Booktrust

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Kategorie: 7 - 9
Věk: 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+
Typ knihy: Pohádky a příběhy
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