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Where´s Wally? In Outer Space

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Wally se vydává na dobrodužství do vesmíru. Připojte se k němu (a nezapomeňte zabalit pero nebo tužku)!

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Brand Walker Books
Category Série Where is Wally?
Have fun solving crazy conundrums and amazing activities that are out of this world with Wally and friends! Play tangle line teasers, find your way out of a space race maze, unscramble muddled up words, crack alien codes, match and spot the differences in busy picture puzzles, get creative by colouring in, complete a planet hop game and much, much more! Can you also find Wally’s super special star? There are over 100 crazy cosmic stickers and lots of extra things to find and do!
Author Martin Handford
Format Paperback
Dimensions (?) 230 x 287
Age (?) 5+
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