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Piqipi- Monkey

Interactive, coloufull book for children.
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1 399 Kč
Kód produktu 1672
Značka Piqipi Limited
Kategorie Quiet books
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Little monkey edition is inspired by kids™ natural curiosity.

Our little monkey loves colours, shine, buttons and pizza. Let´s explore all secrets of a tropical island, visit a circus with its dwellers or try to catch colourful fish in the sea. 

Interactive children's book Monkey contains: 3 sets of alphabet, photo frame, 8 removable button flowers, 6 pairs of Velcro pizzas, 8 removable bananas for studs, 5 puppies - animals, 9 diamonds Velcro puzzles, transparent aquarium, 5 fishes button switches, openable refrigerator, 6 coloured mini icecreans. A total of 125 different removable parts.

Material: 40% polyester, 60% cotton Suitable for children from 3 years of age We recommend using it together with an adult

Author Piqipi
Format Soft Book


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