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Piqipi - Girl

Interactive, coloufull book for children.
Dostupnost Skladem 7
1 499 Kč
Kód produktu 1689
Značka Piqipi Limited
Kategorie Quiet books
Quiet book for girls is designed to entertain them with activities they love the most. Decking out, cooking, washing or playing with laces. All these activities are hidden of the most girlish book under the Sun! Interactive Children's Baby Girl contains: 3 sets of alphabet, frame on the picture, 9 parts of the day and night sky on Velcro, long tongue switchable button, 4 pins, 9 parts of Velcro clothing, 15 parts of Velcro food, zipper, 3 parts of cutlery, 10 detachable parts of the face with dry zipper, 2 ribbons, 2 hair clips, toothbrush and comb, mirror, 9 pcs pocket with Velcro, flap for flapping butterfly wings. A total of 143 different removable parts.    
Author Piqipi
Pages 12
Format Soft Book
Dimensions (?) 250x250
Age (?) 3+


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