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Piqipi - Boy

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Interactive, coloufull book for children.
Dostupnost Skladem 7
1 499 Kč
Kód produktu 1681
Značka Piqipi Limited
Kategorie Quiet books
Quiet book is for all boys who like to explore the world! Boy edition has everything your little explorer longs for. Dream car, own garage or a balloon flight. Simply unforgettable moments experienced while playing.  Interactive baby book Baby boy contains: 3 alphabet sets, photo frame, clock with moving dial, 4 removable apples for drums, 2 x 5-part Velcro puzzle and 2 removable wheels on drums, 6 movable cars, 11 detachable Velcro fasteners 16 removable velcro fasteners, 6 detachable velcro flap, zipper, 9 button fasteners. Together 142 removable parts.    
Author Piqipi
Pages 12
Format Soft Book


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