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Outback: A Photicular Book

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Výlet do Austrálie. 

Jako ve filmu - jasné barvy, 3D pohyb - to jsou knihy ze série Photicular. Sledujte mořského koníka, žraloka tygřího a další mořské tvory.  Sledujte video. 

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Take an eye-opening adventure to Australia through the magic of the Photicular series, which with its patented technology is not only a delight to behold but to sell, too, with over 2.6 million copies in print and sales in excess of 300,000 copies a year.

In Outback discover the frilled-neck lizard racing along on its two hind feet like a half-terrifying, half-comical miniature dinosaur. A brightly colour galah scraping its beak along a tree limb. Plus exotic peacock spiders who seem to dance in the trees, a too-cute Wombat who lumbers through the grass, and of course a red kangaroo, who hops along, its back legs and massive tail working in unison.

Flipping through the pages of Outback is like a trip of a lifetime to down under. The lively text filled with interesting, insider facts is from Atlas Obscura associate editor Ella Morton, New Zealand-born and Australia-raised.


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