Jungle: A Photicular Book

Kód: 1881
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Jako ve filmu -jasné barvy, 3D pohyb - to jsou knihy ze série Photicular. Jungle v sobě ukrývá tajemství tarantule, užovky, bengálského tygra a dalších. 

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Dense and humid and filled with secrets, the rain forest is home to more than half the world’s plants and animals. Using unique Photicular technology, Jungle parts the mysterious veil of this sun-dappled land and reveals—in fluid 3-D motion—the living exuberance within. Watch a tarantula scuttle across the forest floor. A dancing whipsnake flick its tongue. A Bengal tiger on the prowl, and a brilliant green and red macaw soar above the canopy. It’s magical! In a world saturated with video, Photicular technology weaves a very special spell, capturing intimate, moving moments of life on earth, and tapping deeply into the reader’s imagination. With three books published—Safari, Ocean, and Polar—the bestselling series has over 1.3 million copies in print.

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Kategorie: Série Photicular
Author: Dan Kainen
Format: Hardback
? Dimensions: 203x203
? Age: 7+