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Dinosaur: A Photicular Book

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Jako ve filmu  - jasné barvy, 3D pohyb - to jsou knihy ze série Photicular. Dinosaur v sobě ukrývá tajemství mnoha prehistorických tvorů. 

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Brand Workman Publishing
Category Série Photicular

Take a magical journey back in time, to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. We see their bones in museums. But now, see dinosaurs as if you were traveling on an expedition a hundred million years ago. Using unique Photicular technology, DINOSAUR takes an extraordinary leap to bring these legendary and long-extinct creatures back to life.

A herd of giant sauroposeidons, with their impossibly long necks, lumber across the sun-drenched plains. A threatened velociraptor waves its wildly feathered arms. An eoraptor nibbles on a branch. A pair of duck-billed parasauropholuses feel spring in the air and nuzzle.

Experience it for yourself.

Author Dan Kainen
Format Hardback
Dimensions (?) 203x203
Age (?) 7+

video Dinosaur

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