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Beep, Beep, Maisy!


Maisy potkává cestou mnoho různých vozidel. 


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Kód produktu 1849
Značka Walker Books
Kategorie Interactive books
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Go for a spin in Maisy's car in this very busy book of vehicles! Meet all sorts of vehicles in this lift-the-flap book from the multi-award-winning creator of Maisy. Beep, beep! Maisy is going for a drive in her car. She says hello to everyone she sees on the road. There's Charley riding a motorcycle, Dotty driving a tractor, Peacock cycling a bicycle, Ostrich driving a train, Eddie flying a helicopter, Tallulah driving a fire engine and Cyril driving a bus. Little hands will have so much fun lifting the flaps to search beneath in this large board book. It's more fun with Maisy! Visit her amazing website - www.maisyfun.com - for activities, newsletters, games and more.
Author Lucy Cousins
Format boardbook
Dimensions (?) 268 x 269
Age (?) 3+
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