New Magnifier

My toilet is a murderer!

Not rated

Desetiletý kluk je nadšený, když jeho otec instaluje zcela nový technologický zázrak - toaletu ovládanou počítačem.

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Product code 3527
Category Humor a beletrie

Jimmy Dennet is a ten year old boy who’s all excited when his dad installs a brand new technological wonder – a computer controlled toilet called the LAV 620. His excitement reaches boiling point as the mysterious invention slowly starts to talk to him. Jimmy’s own words at the start of the story show us what’s in store in this hilarious black comedy – ‘About a year ago, my whole life was turned upside down. Sucked into a strange sequence of events, unbelievable, unspeakable things happened. And only now, by a weird twist of fate, can I tell my story at last…’

Author Paul Delaney
Format Paperback
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