My Big Wimmelbook A Day at the Zoo

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In these one-of-a-kind picture books, every page is bursting with life - and tons to discover! Children as young as age 2 have a blast pointing out recognisable things - a blue tricycle, a hungry dog, a piggyback ride - while older kids can follow the star characters from page to page, telling their stories along the way. How? Wimmelbooks are virtually instruction-free, inviting kids to make their own way through the busy Wimmelworld they encounter, and to craft their own stories. First, you're introduced to a unique cast of characters who are hidden in plain sight on the pages that follow. As you seek them out, each character's storyline unfolds, but it's up to kids to interpret the scenes and create stories they think fit. It's hours upon hours of fun - and an effortless introduction to literacy to boot. My Big Wimmelbook - A Day at the Zoo lets kids explore exciting and diverse exhibits during a lively day at the zoo, featuring animals in a variety of environments: deserts, jungles and forests, plains, tundras, and more. Readers will delight in spotting zookeepers near the lions, families with kids just like them by the seals, a photographer in the birdhouse - and many more charming
Author G”rtler, Carolin
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