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The Princeďs Bedtime

Is there anyone who can help the Prince get to sleep?
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Kód produktu 916
Značka Barefoot Books Ltd
Kategorie Nursery Rhymes and books with CD
Even with everyone in the kingdom lending a hand, the Prince will still not go to bed! Is there anyone who can help the Prince sleep? The cook brings biscuits, the maid brings hot milk and the physician brings medicine, but the young Prince will not sleep. So the King and the Queen try an entire troupe of dancers, a mustached musician, a feather down quilt and even a cake! Still, the Prince will not close his eyes. Will the strange woman at the palace gate hold the key to the Prince's slumber? Oscar-winner Jim Broadbent narrates this delightful tale.
Author Joanne Oppenheim
Pages 32
Format Mixed media
Dimensions (?) 272x216
Age (?) 3+
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