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Dinosaurs Don't Have Bedtimes!

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Dokonce i dinosauři si musí před spaním čistit zuby! 

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Brand Walker Books
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From the author of Soon comes a raucous bedtime read-aloud - brimming with dinosaurs! Mum is trying to get her rather lively dino-obsessed child ready for bed, but this little boy won't go easy ... he's got a dinosaur-themed comeback (and a ROARY action) for everything! Dinosaurs don't have to eat all their dinner, wash their hair or brush their teeth ... so why should he? And as bedtime beckons, the little boy gets more and more lost in his imaginative world... Will mum ever get him to close his eyes? With exuberant, hilarious dinosaur art from shining illustration talent, Nikki Dyson, this is the perfect story for children with wild imaginations (who refuse to go to sleep!).
Author Timothy Knapman
Format Paperback
Dimensions (?) 250x269
Age (?) 3+
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