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Seahorse:The Shyest Fish in the Sea


Ponořte se do oceánu a objevte jednu z nejostřejších ryb v moři - mořského koníka!

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Značka Walker Books
Kategorie Animals
In the warm ocean, among the waving sea grass meadows, an eye like a small black bead is watching the fish dart by. Who does it belong to? Seahorse! Dive into the magical, underwater realm of one of the shyest fish of all! Discover the secrets of a seahorse's life-cycle, and find out about its food, its habitat, and how it is the dad, not the mum, who gives birth to their babies! Made in consultation with seahorse expert Colin Wells of Plymouth Marine Aquarium, this book contains accurate information suitable for classroom projects and activities.
Author Christine Butterworth
Format Paperback
Dimensions (?) 232 x 251
Age (?) 5+
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