Scream Street: Uninvited Guests

Kód: 4030
Značka: Walker Books
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Fans will scream for this book's retelling of two different adventures from the new TV series.

Welcome to Scream Street, where mummies rub shoulders with vampires, leeches and half-skeletal dogs are pets, and where witches sell their wares to zombies. It's a sanctuary that the government has prepared for monsters of all kinds. It's safe most of the time, but sometimes uninvited guests can show up and wreak havoc. It's up to the wits and talents of werewolf Luke, mummy Cleo and vampire Resus to save the day. This book presents two humour-filled adventures from the stop-motion animated CBBC television series. In the first, the ghost of a great composer arrives to help Luke pass his music exam - but is that what he's really there for? And in the second, it's the trio of friends themselves who are uninvited guests in a mysterious new house in the neighbourhood. They have no trouble getting in, but can they get out?