Norris Snoot

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Když Norris Snoot přijde na základní školu Vicarage, zabalený do vysoké role z koberce, VŠECHNY hlavy se přirozeně otočí.

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When Norris Snoot arrives at Vicarage Primary School, wrapped inside a tall roll of carpet, heads naturally turn. Norris' family have entered a million pound competition. The idea is simple - If they can live inside carpets for a whole year, they'll win a that life-changing cash prize. The school bully, Clive Cooper-West, aka 'Gripper' picks on Norris, aided and abetted by his grandfather, Mr Hooper, who also happens to be the school's bungling head teacher. Gripper makes everybody's life at the school hell, especially Norris, who he particularly doesn't like because of his strange choice of clothing - his carpet. Norris, helped by his Mum and Dad, hatches out a madcap plan to rid the school of Gripper and his grandad. If 'Operation pink underpants' works, life at Vicarage Primary school will never be the same again. 'One of the funniest books I've ever read!' Korky Paul (Winnie the Witch)

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Kategorie: Pokročilí čtenáři
Author: Paul Delaney
Format: Paperback