Madame Mistral

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Náhodné setkání s věštkyní "Madame Mistral" změní  život malého Herberta navždy.  

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Herbert Humphries is a boy with problems. His dad died when he was little and he still longs for him every day. Not helping matters is the fact that Herbert's mum has an annoying new boyfriend, who Herbert doesn't like one little bit. He likes rugby instead of football, he tells silly jokes and his feet stink! However, a visit to a fairground and a chance encounter with a fortune teller called 'Madame Mistral' changes everything. Herbert discovers his dad's always watching him and through an unbelievable chain of events, his life changes, FOREVER...

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Kategorie: Pokročilí čtenáři
Author: Paul Delaney
Format: Paperback