Start School with Topsy and Tim: First Writing

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Learning to write is fun with Topsy and Tim's Wipe Clean First Writing.

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150 Kč
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Product code 3819
Brand Penguin
Category Aktivity sešity, omalovánky, hry

Start School with Topsy and Tim: First Writing, brought to you by Ladybird, is a lovely, easy-to-use activity book for children who are starting to learn the alphabet. Help your child practise writing letters with this bright, colourful wipe-clean book. Each letter is shown with a picture (such as 'A for Apple') and with two rows of letters drawn in dotted lines that children can draw over with their special pen. Then they can wipe the page clean and practice again! Each letter is also shown with arrows so children know where to place the pen. Left-handed options are shown in blue. 

A free pen is included with the book.

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