ABC Animals! - vzorek


A Scanimation Picture Book. All the animals come alive. 

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Značka Workman Publishing
Kategorie Aktivity sešity, omalovánky, hry - Activity books, games

ABC Animals is a romping, stomping journey from A to Z, and all the animals come alive-as many as four to a page--in the excitement of Scanimation. It's the alphabet as it's never been seen before: Watch the Alligator snap, the Bats swooping, the Camel trot. There's L for the Lion proudly prowling along, and M for the Mouse scurrying inside his wheel. And it all culminates in the largest Scanimation image yet: Z, for Zoo, where all the animals gather to play. 

Author Rufus Butler Seder
Format Hardback
Dimensions (?) 203x203
Age (?) 3+
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